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Disappointed 2019

I have visited this site for more than 20 years. sadly it is now not the very pleasant experience that it used to be. it is a beautiful location. it really is a pity that the wardens could not be more friendly.THE AMOUNT OF UNFRIENDLY RULES, are very off putting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to pay the same price as you do on the adjacent site, FULL payment in advance. (the site is 500 yards away), you can use the site facility's , but as i said they are 500 yards away. you also have to carry your rubbish at least 300 yards. when i was on the CL, MOST OF THE WEEK, i was the only unit on the field. in the not too distant past you could not get a place on the CL . BECAUSE IT WAS SO POPULAR. I THINK THAT SUPPORTS the way i now FEEL ABOUT THE SITE.

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