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Dogs Running Wild

We really liked this site but it was spoilt for one reason......dogs running wild. The site manager has 3 large dogs that roam the site when she is around. They are never on a lead. A caravan arrived with 4 little dogs that were allowed to roam the entire site and on one occasion one of them chose to leave me a present....I was NOT happy. I complained to the site manager who coughed and spluttered because she knew she could not enforce the club rule because her own dogs run around off the lead. Then another van arrived with a dog which was also allowed to run around the site. This meant we had 8 dogs roaming the site. The 4 little dogs were just plain horrid, barking at everything and everyone for no reason without any control from the owners. Things then became totally unacceptable when a motorhome arrived next to the caravan with 4 dogs. It was occupied by two people probably in their 70's. One day the dogs started on the older couple as they returned from a walk. The old lady absolutely freaked and I mean freaked and was clearly very distressed! What is it about dog owners? Why can't they enforce a simple club rule? Why is it acceptable for dogs to terrorise old people? Why is acceptable for dogs to leave you a present outside your awning? Would it be OK for me to creep out one night and defecate outside an offending caravan/motorhome? The answer to that is clearly 'NO'! So why is it that the answer to my other questions is 'YES'? I have complained to the club.

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Chrissyliz replied on 30/08/2018 11:09

Posted on 30/08/2018 11:09

I SO agree with you about dogs being allowed to roam on club sites, when the rules clearly state that they should be on leads at all times.  We have two dogs and can manage to keep this rule quite easily and are infuriated when other dogs wander into our awning, or even, cock their legs on it!  It is one of my pet HATES.  We were considering visiting in the next week or so, but having read this review, changed our minds.  We do NOT wish to suffer the inconvenience caused by wandering dogs. By the way, thanks for writing "defecate" instead of "poo;" another of my pet hates...