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Nice site but a pity they do not abide by the max 5 van rule. On or week stay there was 6 vans! The £20 per night included the WiFi but the T V hook up did not work.

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ROSCO replied on 02/11/2019 21:44

Posted on 02/11/2019 21:44

I know the CL site rules are 5 vans, but you say "this was a nice site but......" you dont say how the 6 vans instead of 5 ( 1 extra) impacted on your stay ??? did the extra van be worthy of a 1 star comment based on that alone or was their more to it ????

Moorend replied on 03/11/2019 11:02

Posted on 03/11/2019 11:02

I think you are missing the point. All the CL’s are there because not exceeding 5 vans allow them to be certificated locations without having to get planning. Not keeping to the 5 van rule puts the CL network at risk of being closed.When l go to a CL it is often because there will only be 5 vans on the site.

paul stephen replied on 17/10/2020 20:49

Posted on 17/10/2020 20:49

the volunteer area which is roped off is separate from the main area and in no way affects the feel of the very spacious site, which is is stunningly placed next to the private river with its own private waterfall walk. it can never be a 1 star sight. get a life.... .