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Pros: quiet, views. Cons: poorly maintained and rough access

We’ve used this CL twice: June 2005 and June 2012. In 2005 the weather had been dry to the field was firm. In 2012 it had been dry for weeks until the day before we arrived when it had rained heavily. After just one day the field was soft in many places. The CL was maintained to a better standard in 2005 compared to 2012: grass too long. But the worst point (both visits) is the access road: the deepest potholes in Britain. We had to negotiate it at much slower than walking pace but even then the van was thrown about. There are a few properties down this lane so the residents’ cars must be rattled to pieces. On our last visit I saw a mound of chippings which I assume were for the potholes. We were only there overnight but if we’d have been longer I would have gladly spent my time filling the potholes. There are pleasant views from the CL and it is handy for Stirling and the motorway. But that rough track means I won’t risk our van again on it so won’t be visiting this CL again.

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