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Visited in July, when it was very dry and hot, so maybe not typical for Wales! We had no trouble finding the site, the telegraph pole at the access lane from the A48 makes a good landmark, when coming off the roundabout, we kept in the outside lane and indicated our intention to turn right in good time, it is too late to move out when you pass the restaurant on the left. Pitches are very large, but we had some trouble levelling side to side as all the pitches had a lean down the hill, something to be considered if there is a choice of pitch on arrival.......choose your pitch to assist with shower drainage! Lovely views, and spacious lawned areas behind the pitches. If possible, I would advise avoiding the pitch nearest the entrance as in dry weather the tractors entering and leaving the farm throw up a big cloud of dust.......not good if you have windows open. Water, waste, toilet emptying and rubbish disposal is well laid out, though grey water goes with the black water and means you need to lift the Wastemaster a bit for emptying, so you may wish to avoid having it too full. There is very little noise from the A48, but the link road from the M4 has a very noisy surface and you will hear it in the distance if you have windows open.

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