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Views Across the Irish Sea

We found the site after travelling along progressively smaller roads, but there are passing places. We didn't meet the owner until our last day when we contacted him about payment so it all seemed a bit laissez faire about where to park. The site seemed to be divided into two parts with hardstanding where we first drove in and then grass further down. The grass has the better views so we parked there and used our chocks. There was a laundry room which had a sign on saying it was closed although after I'd done 3 lots of handwashing I discovered it was in fact open and in use! There was also a shower room, although only one shower seemed to be in use but we used our own facilities. One of the things missing from this otherwise beautiful site, was useful and up to date signage. The owner was very friendly, when we met him. There are three wind turbines which can be quite noisy when they get going in the wind. They create a background swish a bit like helicopter rotary blades (but without the engine noise!). It wasn't too obtrusive but some people may be particularly susceptible to that kind of noise. On our second day the wind dropped so they were still, which was when we realised how much noise they'd made. From the site it is a short drive/walk/cycle to Portpatrick, Ardwell Bay and Stranraer.

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