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Very small CL not appropriate for 5 caravans

Arrived midday today to find a narrow entrance and already had 4 caravans squashed in its half an acre. We were left with a very rough ground space which hadn’t even had its grass cut which was squashed in the far left corner next to the house. The biggest issue was it was supposed to be quite location as stated on its web site yet next door is a very active and noisy building site which another caravaner told us it went on until 7 pm. To summarise this Cl is just too small for 5 vans. Went up the coast near Elgin to another CL called Lea Rig the difference was we had arrived at Rivendell having escaped Mordor.

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Caravan Han replied on 21/06/2018 12:12

Posted on 21/06/2018 12:12

Comment from CL owner:

Thank you for taking the time to review our CL and we’re sorry you didn’t find our site suitable for your needs. We have five, well-spaced pitches on our site; the area you’re referring to in your review is the parking space for pitch number four. We ensure the grass it cut to an appropriate length, we had recently cut it two days before your arrival. An area of longer grass is left around the outskirts for disposing of grey water. Of course, we have no control over any current building works taking place next door, but the work finishes at 4:30 each day. Although you found the site to be small, both the gate (measured at 12ft wide) and the size of the site for the number of ‘vans welcomed is sufficient in size, as recently inspected by our local CL advisor.

Spangleskye replied on 05/08/2018 16:13

Posted on 05/08/2018 16:13

Caravan Han left a rather  poor reply but basically did not get onto the pitch they were supposedto.   We were on the pitch they ought to have been on and the pitch they refer to was alongside the otherside of the tree.

There was AMPLE SPACE for our 7 METRE PLUS MOTORHOME and we had a lovely time.  The grass was cut, and the size of the  CL absolutely more than adequate for 5 vehicles - for more in formation please refer to our review  made earlier.