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Dog friendly yes, but also noisy and filthy

We stayed here last June, we were asked if we were aware that the site was 'very' dog friendly. Accepting this description we didn't realise that dog friendly meant unruly, barking dogs. We were surrounded by them, owners, another site next door and fellow caravanners. We had booked for five nights and after two we left. There was an individual on this site who had 11 dogs, yes that is right 11 in a van. One escaped and attacked our small cocker bitch. The owners also shovel dog feaces to the edge of their field so don't park on their boundary. The owners dogs continually bark, one grumbled and yapped all night. It was torturous. They also had kennel cough while we were there. I love dogs but I don't want to hear them all day. The site is lovely, the dog walk is great as are the walks off site. But I am not a fan of misbehaved, noisy animals. We have three of our own dogs and yes of course they will bark, but not 24/7, and not unchecked, if they are told to be quiet they respect this command. The shower had a resident toad and was a little heath robinson. A fellow caravanner booked by facility a showere being her criteria as her caravan doen't have on, she didn't use the on-site shower! I am sure many will take umbridge at this review but I cannot condone, while on holiday the continual, yapping and counter yapping of canines in response to each other. The dog walk did have a resident grumpy horse, he didn't bother me but took a dislike to my husband, thank god he is a farmer and isnt bothered by unpleasant animals.

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