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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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The approach to the farm is a short single track stretch which has us praying that we wouldn't meet anyone coming the other way - luckily we didn't. The entrance to the farm is wide and the approach to the field is not too bad, you'll find manoeuvring around the field is easier if you have a 4x4 because it's on a bit of an incline. If you haven't got a 4x4 you can still get around ok with the caravan with some creative driving ( the guy next to us had an old 2-wheel drive BMW) and he managed. You set up the caravan (or motorhome, there was a few of them while we were there) facing down the slope and you should definitely leave the brake on and chock the wheels. We had to put some extra bricks under the corner stays to get it level and the fresh water drum had to sit on a tyre so that the pipe reached the bottom. Our only real complaint was that the grass on the field was too long, all our shoes got soaked from either dew or overnight rain which was a nuisance. Ok, complaints aside the location is great, there's a bit of noise from the A38 which is about 400 yds from the site but it's softened by the distance. A clear night is just dazzling, with almost no light pollution the sky is dazzling with a clear view of the Milky Way. There's a Morrissons just down the road along with a reasonable pub. All the popular tourist destinations are within close reach. A walk down the single track road is also pretty relaxing. The views from the caravan were of rolling green hills and not much else which was wonderful. A nice site with friendly owners.
Caravanner from Derbyshire

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