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Stayed for the weekend - immaculate grass, with very large flat hard standings. We had, as always studied the description of the site which seemed ideal. Unfortunately the stream was so over grown we couldn't see any water - perhaps winter or spring would of been better, even the birds had gone into hiding. The description also states there is a railway station 5 mins walk away, but no mention that the line runs approx 100 yards from site - two trains - every half hour, from 6 am ish - 11 pm ish - so close we could actually see the passengers, plus goods trains. So not peaceful at all. Out of all the sites we have been to in the past 30+ years it's the 1st time we have ever said "we will not be back"

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Emphatic replied on 23/07/2021 10:09

Posted on 23/07/2021 10:09

Sorry you feel so strongly that you needed to give us this review, if you had wanted your money back, I would have gladly given your money back! I want Happy Customers, not Sad ones!

Just to answer your concerns about the trains! I cannot alter them being there! So noise is inevitable! People come to stay with us to use trains! We have steam trans and guests love them.

The riverbanks are supposed to be “natural” in line with the Environment Agency wishes! I try my hardest to “tame” them, not like our grass, unfortunately! So unfortunately “pristine” I cannot do! Sorry!

The birds were singing, but maybe not loud enough for you?

I’m sorry you were not happy! But at the end of the day, Martin and I do our very best and that’s good enough for us!



Mad Welshman replied on 21/08/2021 11:20

Posted on 21/08/2021 11:20

We were not "sad" customers as you put it, just very annoyed that we had been duped by the description of your site.  Agreed you cannot alter the fact that the trains are running at such frequency 100 yds from your site, but although you state there is a railway station 5 min walk away, at no point do you inform your clients that the trains actually run noisily alongside the site. As regards to the reen, which runs in front of the pitches, I did point out that perhaps Spring or Autumn would be better to see the water, when the vegetation has less natural profusion. I find your comment about the birds "singing" very discourteous and flippant -  I remarked that we did not "see" any birds, until the Sunday morning and spotted a Robin and two blackbirds.  In fact it felt quite eerie, but now you have pointed it out we didn't hear any either, and no, we are not deaf, perhaps they were overpowered by the noise of the trains.