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I arrived thinking I would definitely stay again and left knowing I will never return

The location is convenient, just off the A1, and the noise from traffic is not excessive. The site is attractive, with a pretty stream running through it. I arrived mid-afternoon, rang the doorbell and waited (as the notice suggested arrivals should). I was trying to be helpful as I was due to be a few miles away for a walk. No reply. I had a walk round. No-one was to be found. To cut to the chase... noone came, so I returned at 7ish. A very pleasant young woman told me which (three) pitches were available. One would have blocked access of other arrivals (there were none), one had a tree in the way (yes) and the other meant the wheels were level but there was a big dip between them and the tree overhead dripped rain for part of the night. There seemed to be plenty of alternative spots to use (without overhanging trees and on level ground) but when I asked I was told that that is where the pegs were. In the morning I found nowhere for grey water, no rubbish bin or recycling other than a paper bin. I left with a full tank of grey water. The toilet waste disposal looked as if splash back was inevitable so I didn't use that. This has the potential to be a great site. However, I won't be returning. I did not perceive any interest in the visitor or their comfort.

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