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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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Unwelcome welcome!

Booked this campsite for 2 nights, informing the proprietor that it would likely be 1800-1830 that we would be able to arrive. No problem was the answer, just call in at the tea-room on arrival and there will be someone there. Duly arrived 1810hrs - to be met by an appallingly frosty woman! Brusque instructions were given of where to pitch. Our arrival was obviously an irritant to her - whether she was the main proprietor, or not, I didn't ascertain as her curt and dismissive nature didn't encourage further conversation. I wonder why we have the occasional 'bad apple' like this - we all know that the vast, vast majority of site owners are wonderfully pleasant and welcoming people, who enjoy responsible campers visiting and enjoying their site. The site has a tea room and several other small retail outlets, and the campsite is obviously viewed as just another commercial commodity within this concern. Another reviewer described the cesspit region as foul-smelling - this has not been rectified. This review was over 2 years ago, so one can only deduce that the lack of action in this area further reinforces the contempt with which us commodity - the campers - are held. The good points - the quiet lanes around the area are peaceful and picturesque. The windmill on site is an interesting historical artefact and is free to look around, asking only for voluntary contributions. The young Saturday cashier in the tea-room with whom we paid our balance of remittance was perfectly polite and efficient - an example to her employer of what good customer service should be. In conclusion, if a pleasant (or at least non-dismissive) welcome and non-foul smelling sanitary disposal facilities are important to you, then avoid! There are so many better options out there.  


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