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OK but showers rubbish

Stayed here to explore bath and the surrounding area. Travelled 220 mi to get there and rung ahead to say we were going to be late -- arriving after the 7pm cut-off. We arrive at 9:15pm and were almost refused entry due to them not putting people on pitch after dark. Thankfully the did let us on and tugged our outfit onto pitch for us. After a 7 hour journey I don't think I could have taken a night in the lay-by. The pitch spacing is a little narrow but generally OK. Lending library is nice idea and good set of leaflets for local walks. Staff were friendly enough and accommodating. Lane leading to the site is very narrow and walkers, cyclists and on-coming vehicles force you into the bushes so beware of scratching your van. Hopefully you are lucky and get through without obstructions. The lanes round there should all be one-way in my opinion. Site is really nicely maintained, grass and paths are clean and tidy. Shower block is supposed to be "luxury" but that is disingenuous, it offers basics functionality, decorated reasonably well. The showers are utter rubbish. Spray is too fine, head is not adjustable, water temperature is all over the place (hard over to cold when someone turns a tap on) and pressure is poor. I abandoned my first shower halfway through and used the one in my van after that. Considering the £32/night for members it is disgraceful that these aren't better. Make sure you bring different hozelock ends for the service tap on the pitch. My original adaptor didn't bite tight enough to seal as the tap body interfered with the fitting and it couldn't screw on properly. A trip to the B&Q 10 mi away allowed me to buy the same fitting by 2 different manufacturers and one of them was OK as it had a shallower threaded region. Also bring a decent length of grey hose as the drain is quite a distance away from the van and there is no pipework to help you. Nice walks in the area and the Chew Valley Lake. Red Lion pub offers limited selection of nice food that is a tad pricey but convenient. Wouldn't return in a hurry given the distance and the price but there are not many options in the area if you want a club site.

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Tinwheeler replied on 21/05/2018 15:45

Posted on 21/05/2018 15:45

But affiliated to the club so similar facilities are rightly to be expected. 

It's a real oddball - adult only, no parking on pitch and not close to Bath.

It's not one I have any inclination to visit.frown


JVB66 replied on 21/05/2018 15:53

Posted on 21/05/2018 15:53

It was an affiliated site some years ago but it seems after the owners had got a  good customer base ,they then left  and went their own way,i do not understand how they came back into the "fold" unless their customer base was dwindling and they think it will now increase again with the club name behind themundecided

EasyT replied on 21/05/2018 16:03

Posted on 21/05/2018 16:03

We thought that we might stay there June 19th last year between Cheddar and Hunters Moon stops. However when I realised that car was not to be with caravan and that caravan was sited by the site and also moved off by the site rather than exactly when I might to hitch I thought again -particularly the minimum booking was 7 nights at that time and we only usually stop 5 nights. Pessed on to The Minnows at Tiverton instead