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Rated 5 of 5

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Showers and 1pm arrivals

I was very disappointed in the showers on my recent stay. We’ve been coming to this site for many years and have never been cold but last week I was. I am an evening showerer. The first day I went across around 4pm to use the toilet and it was lovely and warm so decided to shower then- very fortunately as I went at 6pm and it was freezing. The next day it was cold at 5pm. I gave up that night. In the end I had to go around 5pm or freeze. Morning showerers got a better deal ~ it was warm in there well before 6am till around 9am. A notice on the wall stating what times the heating would be on would be appreciated. I love this site once I get on it. Hate the 1pm arrival. 12pm was bad enough but 1pm means peak traffic and a wasted day. We always leave first thing in the morning on day of departure. I think a split system of arrivals would be fairer. I understand weekenders want to stay longer and if they are arriving late afternoon on a Friday and leaving 12 on a Sunday fine but others want to come earlier and leave earlier and this should be accommodated.

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