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Rated 3 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5


Rated 3 of 5

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Close it down and start again!

If you want to take this site under the umbrella of the CC and charge relevant site fees then bring this place up to some sort of standard. Friendly warm welcome but allocated pitch. Understood the reasoning because the pitches are so mix matched it’s hard to just let everyone choose their own. Nonetheless some of the pitches were so close together it was ridiculous and a fire hazard. CC shove rules about health and safety at you at every opportunity but they seem to have gone out of the window at this site. The toilet and showers were adequate but that’s it. It’s a thankless task for the wardens but they do their best making them as clean as possible. They are so dated, shower curtains and some showers you could barely turn round in. Probably the worst facilities I’ve seen and we’ve been on so many sites. All said, it’s a charming site and in a great location but we won’t be rushing back.

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