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Rated 4 of 5

Peace and quiet

Rated 5 of 5

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Rated 5 of 5


Rated 4 of 5

Good for families

CAMC southern racetrack

Great location with loads to do from site by car or bike or walk. Brighton is a lovely city with many interesting streets and food outlets. Site is great and facilities kept clean by friendly wardens. Have now moved to rookesbury where the 5mph speed limit is actually enforced 👍. Brighton however seems to have no speed restrictions in place making it an ideal site for those that need to get from the barrier to their residence in the shortest time possible. Mostly the members of the tent / pod field are the racing drivers, can put you off your relaxing drink / BBQ and not great for kids walking round the site. If there is a speed limit, how about enforcing it rather than a blind eye.

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Inchoa Holiday replied on 31/08/2021 18:58

Posted on 31/08/2021 18:58

Only been on site a few hours and must agree about the speed limit not being adhered too, not just by cards but also electric bikes and scooters.