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This site is extremely convenient if you want to visit Brighton, and it is a well laid out site as per most Caravan Club locations. Beyond that it doesn't have much going for it. Firstly, many of the pitches are laid on something close to concrete and, despite being classed as awning pitches, it's only possible to get pegs in the ground if you come equipped with a hammer drill. Secondly, for some reason it has been decided to close the office between 1000 and 1300 hours (although I think this has now changed to 1200), resulting a long queue of vehicles waiting to get in. The lane approaching the site is once again occupied by an assortment of motorhomes, caravans with number plates removed etc being used as living accommodation, despite there being parking restrictions which clearly are not enforced. And try getting in and out of the site with a large outfit when football is being played in the park and you are going to struggle. The site accepts non-members so there is no control over who stays there, and there is nothing to stop a group of rowdy yobs using the camping pods for a boozy party weekend as happened while we were there. Now let's get on to dog owners - am I the only person who takes any regard of the section in the Club book that says "do not allow your dog to urinate or mess anywhere on the site"? There is a huge field right outside the gate yet most people seem to think it is OK to let their dogs use any part of the site as a toilet. I had one woman allow her dog to pee on the grass outside my awning and another who allowed her dog to poo right in front of my caravan. It's time the Club got to grips with this. And finally, despite being given a COVID leaflet asking people to keep their distance and not cut across other people's pitches, people are too lazy to stick to the paths and walked right in front of my awning just to cut a corner off, including one of the staff employed to clean the Airstreams. I will probably suffer this site again because it is convenient for Brighton where I have family but were that not the case I would give it a wide berth.
Caravanner from Middlesex

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