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We have just come home having spent a week at this site, 18th 25th April. we visit this site at least once a year, but this will be our last. Why do some dog owners believe we should all love their dog, why do some dog owners on the site think the keep your dog on a lead on site rule doesn't apply to them, why do some dog owners consider that it is Okay for them to have their dog on a 25ft lead defecating on unoccupied pitches. The pathway down to the main road is like a dog poo obstacle course, as is the pathway down to the marina, and before you all let loose, I love dogs, it is just the owners who behave in the way mentioned that I loath. we don't call it Brighton any more we call it Shighton. On our last evening at about 4.pm the pitch next to us had new arrivals within 10 minuets 2 teenage boys were playing football on the grass behind their pitch and our pitch, with a proper leather football, am I the only one who reads the rules? Once again I don't dislike kids, I just don't like their parents who don't give a dam about the rules or other people? I cant fault the staff I think they must be saints to put up with some of the visitors.


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