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Staying on Cae Mawr at the moment , lovely site , no facilities which suits us , been coming here for years. However could irresponsible lazy dog owners please take note , the site is not one giant dog toilet , it is up to you to exercise your dog off site and not amble round aimlessly til your dog performs on somebody elses pitch then scuttle off back to your own. That empty or even occupied pitch could have a small child playing on the grass tomorrow and as dog owners I'm sure you're all aware that dog poo can have dire consequences for health . KEEP IT ON A SHORT LEAD , KEEP IT OFF THE GRASS AND TAKE IT OFF SITE TO EXERCISE IT .THANK YOU
from Cheshire

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SteveandLori replied on 16/08/2020 15:00

Posted on 16/08/2020 15:00

This is not really a site review but a rant at irresponsible dog owners. Not necessary for most of us with dogs, and the few who don't care probably can't read your review anyway. We are at Cae Mawr shortly for 2 weeks and can assure you that we do not need reminding to clean up after our dogs.

RungsandMaisie replied on 16/08/2020 18:22

Posted on 16/08/2020 18:22

I'm really pleased you clean up after your dog , you may not need reminding but in all honesty dogs shouldn't be fouling the site full stop ! I think you've missed the point of my review , a large majority are making no effort to get their dogs off the site before an " accident " happens . I'm not against dogs at all I've had dogs for over 35 yrs. My impression is that a lot of dog owners don't see a problem as long as they clean up the mess !! My point is it shouldn't be happening in the first place .

cmaj1966 replied on 03/02/2021 15:16

Posted on 03/02/2021 15:16

Please can I say , not all dog owners are bad ,   I do take offence of being tarred with the same brush as those that do not pick up after their dogs.

I can honestly say being a dog owner myself I ALWAYS pick up after mine.