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Nice visit but spoilt by the few...!

This is our first visit to this site in over 20 plus years and it's not changed much in that time, what has changed during this period of time is the arrogance of certain people/members who seem to think that the Wardens along with other members are there to run around after them and clean up after their dogs which have been allowed to run about out of control generally annoying decent members and also messing on other people's pitches then failing to clear up after the event. The dog walk was left like the perpetual mine field almost daily by people who think that the Wardens (and/or) other people were there to clear up after them. Albeit the weather wasn't the best - a fair amount of rain and mist but that is just your luck whenever you get the "van" out for a trip but it didn't stop us enjoying our break, however the lack of thought for anyone but themselves by these irresponsible dog owners certainly put a dampener on our break. We are dog owners and like to think we are responsible for their behaviour and any mess that sometimes on very rare occasions results in an accident is immediately "bagged and binned" and let's be honest their is no shortage of bins on any club sites so there is no excuse for not picking anything one's dog mess up !!!!! The site was of the usual standard expected and excellently attended to by both the Wardens and their Reliefs, thank you all. The Cozzies
Caravanner from Nottinghamshire

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