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Rated 5 of 5

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WOW, what a year it’s been. Thank you to you, our wardens x

This is going to seem like a long review, but I want to do my best to give everyone the honest thoughts, due to being such a challenging year for us all, and most certainly for the wardens due to COVID. No matter what has been thrown at them, be it personal reasons or work, they have been such a pleasure to talk with, kept a smile and been as positive as the time in hand as allowed them to be. The site is lovely, and has an abundance of wildlife, from various birds to plants. Although I’m usually very active, this year due to my illness, I have been unable to walk very far or cycle, but have thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet in the week, to allow me to think and draw. The wardens have worked very hard this year, to do their upmost for the safety of us all due to coronavirus, and yes, we are tired of listening about it, but they have kept to cleaning all the facilities and even disinfect the bin area. All I can say is I’m appalled at how others don’t care or help with any of the hygiene, or the rules of the site, not only the toilet and shower areas, but also the waste disposal points. My husband having to clean after others, in all of these areas, as to leave for wardens is very debilitating to say the least. And worst of all is other dog owners. What a magnificent dog walk, for dog owners to ruin, not all dog owners, but maybe a small minority, to leave mess/facies all over the site and also dog walk. The dog walk is not just for dog owners, but for everyone to enjoy, and it’s a shame, as those that don’t clean up after them will spoil it as dogs will be banned all for the sake of ignorance. This site is amazing, and we need to keep it that way, and the wardens are wonderful, and have worked harder this year than other years, as we have seen such a influx of non caravaners due to the lockdown on travel. Let’s all hope that 2021 will bring us all a happy and healthier caravanning year than this has been.
Caravanner from Staffordshire

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