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An Odd Site

This is a large, spacious site which is very easy to access. The wardens were, as usual, excellent, friendly and very efficient. If you have a car there are plenty of places to visit locally and we enjoyed a visit to Packwood House. You can also pop next door to the transport museum but we found this a difficult place to be during a pandemic. There was no social distancing and no mask wearing (even on the free bus); given COVID rates are rising quickly we felt this was unacceptable, clearly you might not! The site itself is large with flat pitches separated by grass. There are quite a lot of non awning pitches on tarmac, separated by planters rather than grass but they have a pleasant outlook. However there is a lot of storage on site which isn’t particularly attractive and there also seems to be some storage on pitches, leaving the impression that people are living on site. One caravan had an extra large gas bottle outside and on at least one pitch there was a large motorhome, a smaller motorhome, a large trailer and a motorbike/ scooter under a cover. The young woman on the pitch next to us decided to wash her caravan by attaching a hose to the drinking tap and leaving the hose running for what felt like hours while she scrubbed with a washing up brush. We also had cars left sitting with the engine running next to us Showers and toilets were fine, apart from having to walk past the open chemical toilet and the open industrial bins to get there! It just didn’t feel like a holiday destination to me and I was uneasy, probably unnecessarily, about the feel of the site.

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AnotherDavid replied on 19/10/2021 21:05

Posted on 19/10/2021 21:05

We spent a night there last week and liked it. Not a holiday destination  but an ideal short halt that we will use again. Didnt give any thought to the Covid issues but I think if it's really an issue to one I would stay home.

Ange Topham replied on 25/10/2021 18:17

Posted on 19/10/2021 21:05 by AnotherDavid

We spent a night there last week and liked it. Not a holiday destination  but an ideal short halt that we will use again. Didnt give any thought to the Covid issues but I think if it's really an issue to one I would stay home.

Posted on 25/10/2021 18:17

Sorry David, maybe I didn’t explain myself properly. We have been out and about to several areas of the country and felt perfectly safe. This transport museum was the only place from Cornwall to Scotland where people didn’t seem to be taking the ‘normal’ recommended precautions. I thought people might like to know. Advising staying home seems a little extreme!

BxG replied on 28/10/2021 17:14

Posted on 28/10/2021 17:14

We were there last week for 3 days loved it and had no problems.  We use Chapel Lane as part of a tour not as a destination.  We have used our on board facilities for the past 2 years because of Covid so don't use the toilet block. I rather liked the idea of the skips being propped open so I didn't need to touch them and didn't even notice the loo emptying point (husbands area, I'm bins)!  The overflow storage area didn't appear to be a problem as the roads had a barriers across them (just not as secure as those caged up).  We did notice the large Fifth Wheel with awning etc and RV with small camper van, but we chose not to be in that area. I don't see washing an outfit being a site problem more a new member not knowing the rules.  Returning from a 5 site tour we found every site felt different, all to do with other members, some are friendly & chatty, others not must be the wether!

Graydjames replied on 04/11/2021 17:55

Posted on 04/11/2021 17:55

The people who have replied to Ange Topham's review of Chapel Lane have totally misunderstood her point about COVID. 

She was referring to the Transport Museum next door to the site - not the site itself. Moreover, she is quite right to make this point. I attended the museum last Sunday (31st October 2021) when it was their last running day of the year. Masks were very few in evidence. I don't mind this around the museum itself or in the halls even, but on the buses I regard this as unacceptable. The buses were busy and mostly very full and it would only take one person, on a bus, to have the virus to ensure that a lot more would be going home with it. The last time I went to the museum I went on five rides on buses during the day. This time I went on none. I regarded the risks as too high. In confined, in door, spaces with a lot of people, no masks means trouble.

The museum was indifferent to criticism about this issue.

As regards the site, I like it there, but there are definite issues. I go there as a destination in its own right and have been several times.