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Not the welcome we expected from a club site.

We arrived at this site at about ten o'clock, we had not booked but went there as members with an electrical fault on our motorhome which meant we had no 12 volt supply so could not even run the fridge on gas. We were told the site was full at that time but there would be a space available later. We enquired if we could park anywhere at all until a pitch was available but were told no, even though the late arrival spaces were all available. We have read so many good stories about how helpful club staff are but that was not our experience here. We don't think it would have been to much trouble to allow us to plug in somewhere for a couple of hours. Staff did direct us to a private site a few miles away.

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Tinwheeler replied on 09/11/2019 14:22

Posted on 09/11/2019 14:22

The wardens were adhering to the no arrivals before 1200/1300 stipulation and 10am was pushing it I fear. If you were allowed a concession, then it could cause difficulties when others also wanted to be allowed to arrive early. Early arrivals seem to be quite a problem in general.

Tbh, your fridge wasn’t going to hurt unpowered for a couple of hours. Is your MH wired in such a way that the absence of a live 12v feed to the fridge control panel still allows 240v usage? Perhaps it’s a compressor fridge? Anyway, hope you got it fixed.