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Rated 4 of 5

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Good for families

A tired looking site

I'll start with the negatives as it's better to finish with a plus. Firstly, this site is starting to look tired. The fencing behind my pitch was falling over and some or the wood around the pitches was going rotten. I don't blame the club for not sorting these things out as we seem to be constantly losing the site, the latest being the end of December I believe, but this is an observation. Secondly, I think the site must be being used as a base for people working in London. The people on the pitch next to us were up and around at 6am, slamming doors etc, and a pitch opposite was occupied by a converted old horse box who's occupant went to the toilet block on a scooter. There was certainly no usual camp site feel. Thirdly, this is the first site we've visited where our pitch was allocated, so we had no choice. Some of the pitches further up the site got satellite but we didn't and there's no facility for aerial connection. Lastly, the reception has a counter to ceiling perspex screen, which separates the two sides of the counter from each other, the only point of contact being a hole about 6 inches in diameter. When I checked in I picked up my mask from the van but forgot to put it on as I walked in. The lady in the reception asked me if I would please put my mask on, something I thought a little unnecessary as I was the only person occupying the space. I did so and asked her if she would do the same, to which replied 'No, I don't have to'. She wasn't impolite in any way but she seemed to be convinced that her wearing a mask was not required. So, and I'd like a response to this if you would: is it Caravan Club policy that the wearing of masks in reception is compulsory for members but optional for employees when they are both sharing the same air, or should the lady have been sympathetic to my request? Ok, that's the whingeing over: this site is in a great location, close to really cheap public transport. Central London was 45 minutes away and we did Kew Gardens in an hour by train for £5.40 return. There are many good pubs and restaurants in Crystal Palace and they're only about 15 minutes walk. The site's not as good as some but the great location means I'd go back again


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