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This is a lovely site. Clean and well maintained. The staff are really friendly and the site & facilities kept clean. The showers are however, quite dated, and reminded me of my school days (rinsing shampoo from ​my hair and trying to find the button on the wall to restart the water, without getting soap in my eyes.) The site is in a good location for visiting the South Devon area, however the road in and out is very narrow, and not the best access for larger caravans (we live in Cornwall so I don't make this comment lightly. We're used to narrow roads and tight corners.) For us though, the biggest disappointment was the lack of thought for children. There are signs everywhere stating No Rollerblades. No Scateboards. No scooters etc... And while there is a very large dog exercise area, there is no area for the children to safely play ball games. There is a very small (and old looking) play "Park" in a wooded area. Made for little ones. Not for children older than about 7. We visited with our 12 year old, and there was nowhere to play badminton or Boules, or football etc. She couldn't use her very quiet electric scooter. And we resorted to doing crossword puzzles with her, in our "down time." All in all a lovely site with lovely staff. But we won't return because of the lack of a suitable area for slightly older children to play and run off some energy. This site really would benefit from a large, open area for ball games at the very least.
Caravanner from Cornwall

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Reggief replied on 29/07/2021 08:33

Posted on 29/07/2021 08:33

While I try to understand your concerns most parents do not

control their unruly kids. The modern scooters, skateboards and

bikes are very fast try going out for a nice long run that gets rid of energy.

Dornafield is a lovely site quite reasonably priced.