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Rated 5 of 5

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Fantastic Site Fantastic Wardens

We absolutely love this site and use it regular, the wardens our great can have a laugh and great banter. For those of you who slag the wardens you certainly must have got on the wrong side of them, We have never ever found them rude or abrupt, and as for the person slating off about all the notices scatter around the site they our their for your protection, if their were nothing telling you what’s what you would still complain, so the wardens can’t win. They have rules to follow it is their job so give them some slack. And as for them riding around in their truck they do have lots of things to do other than clean toilets, like bins and maintenance on 2 sites, just find something else to moan about because they do a fantastic job and l would like to see some of you lot do their job. They also get a lot of abuse and threats to put up with l have seen it first hand. We would like to wish Alan & Dee à fond farewell in your move to another site we will miss you both very much, keep doing what you our doing because we think you both do a fantastic job and we will both miss you
Carol & Brian x


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