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Unfortunately the negative by far outweighed the positives. Just not enough facilities! There is an expectation you will use your own toilet..... what if you haven’t got one? This needs to be clear in advance of arrival.You can have 60 000 at Wembley but only 3 people in the toilet block at one time...There only 3 toilets and two showers in the women’s and Men’s anyway..Also all facilities close every day from 10.15-11.30....... no alternatives are available. This caused us not just significant inconvenience but also anxiety and stress. We don’t have facilities and alway check that toilets etc are available before we book. Even if you have your own surely you should be able to use on site facilities that you are paying for?The wrist band system was unnecessary and just didn’t work! Why should people queue for a toilet when 2 are free? I saw a child in considerable distress as 2 people were having showers and she was too scared to go in. Not acceptable These COVID restrictions were completely over the top! Even in non COVID times there probably not enough toilets considering the number of pitches. I raised this with one staff member who said they were just obeying the rules. If this is the case we think the Caravan Club needs to do some explaining.... Others have commented on staff rudeness, especially the woman. Yes I witnessed this first hand several times. But at other times she was very friendly and helpful. I also witnessed a much younger male member being very aggressive and rude to another customer because she had dared to go into to the empty/ clean toilet 15 minutes before it was due to reopen. His behaviour was inappropriate and unprofessional. Also no adequate recycling available. No idea why? Considering this site is prone to flooding (not the staff’s fault obviously) more hard core pitches would be helpful........ we saw one caravan get stuck in the mud.......... Site has great potential...... but needs more toilets! At present this issue is crucial. Perhaps a bit of training on good customer service for some staff as well. We are key workers and I work in frontline customer service. COVID has been a terrible time for every one as we all know........but it doesn’t excuse what was going on on this site!

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TNG replied on 29/07/2021 18:23

Posted on 29/07/2021 18:23

Covid restrictions are in place to try to protect everyone and there are no easy answers. I have yet to find a caravan for sale in the Uk or Europe without a toilet.

Martin Halse replied on 01/08/2021 17:50

Posted on 01/08/2021 17:50

How very strange then that we bought one in the uk.  We weren’t the only ones on this site who didn’t have our on toilet…. If you care to re read our review we have been clear that we only ever book sites that do have facilities. The problem at Gowerton is that ( unless they have recently changed it) the website says they have these facilities.  It does not indicate that due to Covid these are very very limited.  Neither does it say that at a peak time all will be closed! Had it done so we wouldn’t have booked there! If the situation had changed then future customers should have been informed. Queuing for a toilet is one thing but not having any available from 10.15 until 11.30 is another.  To reiterate: we only book sites with facilities and we were led to believe this site had them. Also not having your own toilet is not as unusual as you seem to think.