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Peace and quiet

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Facilities and cleanliness

Rated 4 of 5


Rated 5 of 5

Good for families

Noisy but nice

My happy bit.. I was on a pitch that backed onto the road. Normal traffic is fine but then you get boy racers on motorbikes or in their supped up cars - that’s noisy!! This is outside the clubs control. The dog area is big enough for dogs to roam around, it’s not huge but bigger than some. Now for my not so happy bit... I wasn’t impressed at one point by the warden (not assistant warden but warden) spraying weed killer on my pitch while I was sitting in my van! It is dog friendly but has to dry so you can imagine by anger and disappointment!! I’ve never known any staff to come on any pitches that are occupied never mind spraying weed killer!!!

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