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Traffic noise!!! Aaahhh!!

Ok let's start with something positive, the welcome was good and the showers etc were clean although the water pressure was very low and so I struggled with washing my long hair. The overall site was clean and pitches pretty well spaced, but I'm afraid that's where the positive ends! The road noise was horrendous !! We arrived in rush hour and so hoped that after around 6pm this would die down, but no, traffic was constantly flying by at 60mph! Not just cars but motor bikes, huge lorries, buses, it was like being next to a race track! Around 11.30pm it did go a bit quieter and I managed to go to sleep... But was woken abruptly at 2am by several huge lorries going by ( don't know if there is some sort of depot near by??) this happened again around 3.30am and then from 6am the constant rush hour started and was still going when we left at 10.30!! We had hoped for a good nights rest as we had travelled back from Cornwall all day and stopped here on our way to Cambridge but this wasn't to be, and I left more exausted than I was when we arrived!!!! We won't be returning to this site, which is a shame because Henley looked a lovely place to explore as we drove through....  Yes it does say in the book that there is 'some' road noise but this was horrendous!! Might just as well have parked up on the side of the motorway!!!! 


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