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If you put a negative review it gets deleted!

I'm not sure why, but I put a negative review earlier and it has been deleted. Is this why this site has 5 stars? They obviously don't want me telling people that they haven't done anything about our van which got badly damaged by another guest and they did nothing to find the person who did it. We now have a damaged van that we are having to get repaired at our cost. Seriously losing confidence in this site.

Comment from the Club:

Please note your review was removed as we had reports from other members who felt it was a complaint rather than a review of the Club campsite. We do state in our guidelines we will remove complaints. Please direct your complaint to uksitesbookingservice@camc.com so the relevant team can investigate. 


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RichMitch replied on 29/04/2021 20:22

Posted on 29/04/2021 20:22

Make enquiries with who? We enquired with the site staff and they can't tell us anything. The site staff know who arrived, so they could look to see if anyone has damage, to at least try to identify who did it. Whoever hit us must have damage, with the damage our van has sustained.

It's  a shame there aren't more honest people in the world who just admit they've done something, we wouldn't be in this situation.