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Annual review of sorts.

We stay here every year, we review it every year so as to keep things current.: This year has been different, COVID along with the late opening of the sites has changed the dynamics of the site and it's residents. We stayed late July until mid August and found a different mix of people to the norm, or at least what we're used to, we'd hazard a guess and say that those that usually stay in June early July are mainly those seeking to avoid the school holidays and the melee of boisterous children being let of their leash for the school holidays.  As the site was closed until June this meant that many of those usual residents for June moved into the July/August booking windows thus by default having now to mix in with the school holiday crew etc.  This is where the dynamics were different, as children were not permitted to play in the park due to Covid they took to their bikes/scooters/awnings/pitches, at times this appeared to draw on the patience of those close by not used to large amounts of children in such close (social distancing observed) proximity. There was certainly less tolerance towards the children but given they (the children) have been cooped up for just over 3 months I think all the children we observed were for the most part well behaved.

Some adults tried to circumvent the covid restrictions in place at the utility blocks (band system) due to numbers allowed to use the facikities being restricted/every other cubicle/shower/basin closed off Those abusing the sysrem would simply take a band from the bucket and not return it when leaving, taking it back to their respective vans so they could use it without worry on their next visit. The wardens simply changed the band colours on a regular basis but overall the system and those using it were happy to observe the rules,  queues if there was one was never very long, most people seemed to easily adapt.

Further up a review that mentions the closeness of the pitches and how it was difficult to social distance, they must have been on a different site, Hunters Moon's pitches for the most part are excellent, spacious and easily able to observe social distancing plus the pitches are well maintained, clean and clear of debris.

As for the Wardens, same team as last year, same impeccable service and whats more they were forever with smiles on their faces despite the most likely deluge of varying complaints coming into them on a daily basis, hats off to them for their ability to delegate and full respect to the CC for keeping the team together.

Full marks to the COVID policies of the CC, effective, easy to work with and which allowed one to enjoy their holiday without too much disruption

Hunters Moon, a true family CC site, 2021 is already booked.

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