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I simply don’t recognise this site from the description or reviews. It is on a junction of 2 major roads next to houses and resembles are car park. Warden friendly and pleasant but knew little about the local area and seemed surprised I thought there might be deer locally and didn’t know where we might see them. The facilities are basic and the dishwashing area closed with no explanation. I cannot imagine how the photographs on this listing were achieved... .... unrecognisable. Gravel all over the site with no grass between pitches. Hideous. By far the worst CMC site we have stayed on. Almost cried after long drive to get her. 1 night only then off.

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Oneputt replied on 13/10/2019 19:07

Posted on 13/10/2019 19:07

Never been myself but site photos show no grass between pitches.  The map shows that it’s on a junction but you don’t say if that is noisy 

Tinwheeler replied on 13/10/2019 19:15

Posted on 13/10/2019 19:15

Its location in the Highlands surrounded by mountains yet not far from the coast and lochs is surely worth a higher rating.😦

I don’t think the club have helped you by enhancing the photos of the site but, to be fair, you can see large areas of chippings so the 'car park' effect shouldn’t have been a surprise. In fact, you can see from the downloadable site plan that there is no grass between pitches and, bar 5 grass pitches, it is 100% hardstanding in the pitching area. Did you not spot on a map that the site is on a T junction?

I'm sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit but a little more research would have avoided your disappointment. Still, it’s a lesson for the future.👍🏻

TomL replied on 09/11/2019 22:54

Posted on 09/11/2019 22:54

The two roads can hardly be described as "major" in this part of the Highlands. The views on the website are all taken on the site as I've taken the same views and many others when I've visited on numerous occasions. The other views over Loch Maree and Glen Docherty are right on the doorstep and the writer must have passed them when he/she visited, unless he/she travelled up Glen Torridon.

I realise that any review must be subjective and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your visit to Kinlochewe but I regard your review as totally misleading and a bit more prior research, as suggested by Tinwheeler, wouldn't have surprised you at all.