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Disappointing longleat - NON EXISTENT PHONE SIGNAL/WiFi

No phone signal whatsoever on site, paid £11 for WiFi and at most got 5 minutes of signal for every 10 minute wait to log in - I’d like a refund!! No ‘sound or the lions’ only the longleat train and sea lions on the lake. When we arrived I was asked to leave the office as I didn’t have a face mask on despite restrictions being lifted and despite the fact 2 other adults were coming in without masks and were served as I left. Staff were borderline rude on the 3 occasions I spoke to them. This is in complete contrast to the 3 other sites we have been to this year where they went out of their way to be pleasant and helpful. There’s nothing within walking distance and the road in is single track for the whole 1.8 miles - not for the feint hearted as it’s used for access to the safari park. We were basically told by someone that we had 18 minutes to leave the site as we were packing up and trying to fix the emergency wire on the van.

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F1fan replied on 24/08/2021 08:07

Posted on 24/08/2021 08:07

Can’t knock staff for the COVID restrictions and the requirements of wearing masks as they need to stay safe and lots of places are still requiring you to do this and we’ve visited there loads of times and can well understand the requirement for leaving by 12 noon as like you said access is narrow and longleat often have big machinery moving around and tractors and locals are aware of the movement times of the site 12 noon departures and 1300 arrivals   Found staff friendly too