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We had great time, despite the negative reviews

Reading some of the below reviews we wondered what we were in for when we arrived at Longleat. On arrival there was a sign stating one person at a time in reception and masks to be worn on entering reception, personally I didn't have an issue with this, there is still a pandemic out there and we all have to stay safe, I found the warden to be very pleasant and helpful, as they all were at al times, even when I had an small issue. Please be aware because of the location there will be children around, so they will be out on their bikes cycling round the site and making new friends, if this is not your thing then I suggest you book mid week outside of the school holidays. It is in the middle of no where so there is extremely little or no phone signal, so you will have to walk off site to try and find one, my Grandson paid for the Wi-Fi, again due to the location this is very hit or miss, your choice if you want to take a chance, there is a map in reception that tells you were the best Wi-Fi coverage is supposed to be on site, but still hit or miss. It will be noisy, but with the sealions barking every time the Longleat Jungle Cruise boat passes, the campsite backs on to the lake, if your lucky you may hear the Lions roaring, one was having a real go one night we were there, and the Wolves howling. On the whole we had a great time, the Wardens were pleasant and helpful and the facilities were kept clean, in fact the only problem we encountered was due to someone leaving late as we met them on the way in down one of the narrow lanes, that is why they ask everybody to leave by 12, we were lucky as we met at a place where one of us could pull in to pass, but be warned for most of it one of you will have to reverse.

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