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Visited the site for the first time at the weekend. Such a shame that a brand new site built from scratch and by a caravan and motorhome specialist can get so much wrong. The site is very much aimed at families First observation was the signage and arrival place, when we arrived the pull in had two cars parked on the late night arrivals area so we pulled up, I walked to the reception (not much fun on a winters day or in a storm) checked in quick and friendly service but I didn't know you needed £5.00 cash for the access card, so had to walk back to motorhome to get some cash from hubby. A car and caravan had pulled up to barrier prior to check in so blocked the entrance, someone came behind them in a car and kindly opened the barrier only for them to drive in and park outside of reception blocking the road. The toilets are very nice and clean and new but who designed the showers and put the grid in the middle of the drying are? All weekend the floor outside the showers was flooded. Saturday morning I went for my shower no problem until I had finished, the one and only squeegee was broken so no way of cleaning the shower after use, also 5 people waiting for a shower when I came out. The café area is nice enough, we had a meal there Friday evening but I would imagine during the summer it would be bedlam with children in and out. The information sheet we were given said that children should be supervised after 10pm? What about the rest of the time, surely your children should be supervised at all time, we witnessed a young boy riding round the site on a go cart which is very dangerous as he was virtually lying on the ground, making it difficult for people to see him, also as he was riding the wrong way round the site. Putting the waste bins at the bottom of the hill opposite reception is also a strange choice, surely they could have put bins around site and paid someone to empty them? Doesn't seem a very disabled friendly site yes the doors open automatically and access is level but I watched a gentleman on sticks walking from his pitch to the facilities block and though that is not ideal The motorhome service point is again not thought out, why put covers over the drains that then have to be lifted off with your van positioned over them, surely an open steel grid system is so much easier and avoids the missing of the hole, I understand why old sites don't want to pay to convert but a new site should have planned this better For the price they are charging I would expect everything to be perfect, I'm afraid it is not, toilets out of order, sinks out of order, hooks missing from showers, Don't think we will be paying for this one again, loved Shrewsbury town centre so will be trying one of the Morris Leisure sites or the adults only site again
Motorhomer from Derbyshire

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Navigateur replied on 25/03/2019 14:07

Posted on 25/03/2019 14:07

I could write that whole review again showing how good the place is.  For example - bins on the way out so you drop your rubbish when leaving.  Great idea.  All pitches equiped to same high standard.

From what you say, they do seem to be struggling though with the damage etc being done by the visitors since I was there. Perhaps the prices are too low?

Dawn F replied on 25/03/2019 15:51

Posted on 25/03/2019 15:51

We don't drive past the bins every day as we walk once on site so the bin idea for us was very inconvenient.  I'm not saying it was expensive but for that money I do expect it to be better maintained.  Your right some people do not know how to look after things or behave but surely faulty sinks, missing hooks damaged shower floors can't be user abuse and even if it is it should be repaired.

The standard of pitch is no better than other sites that charge much less

Yonder replied on 03/08/2019 10:00

Posted on 03/08/2019 10:00

I agree with the comment about style over substance. Where are the privacy cubicles for privacy? I also found the location of the bins inconvenient. The Reception staff do need more training. The wrong pitch was circled on the map which meant a 10 minute detour. Also Reception staff gave incorrect info on bus times so we waited more than an hour for a bus. I reported no lighting on day one in the washing up room and it was still not fixed on day 4. It is certainly not worth the price we paid