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Rated 4 of 5

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Worst facilities for visually impaired people I’ve encountered

We came home 3 days early from Love2stay. We just couldn’t take anymore of it. The only waste disposal area is opposite reception and is quite a trek from most pitches, so some people were just dumping their rubbish by the different dog poo bins dotted around. There’s just the one toilet block. You need a card to swipe in and to press a green button to go out. Everything in there is no-touch. You wave your hand in front of a sensor to flush the toilet. When washing your hands, the water flows from the tap when you put your hands under, and the temperature is adjusted by either waving your hand in front of a blue circle or a red one. Then you go and stick your hands in the Dyson hand drier. The showers work the same way as the sinks, except you turn them on by waving your hand in front of the on button. However, the shower drains are really badly positioned. They are outside the actual area where you’re showering, so when you go into the toilet block you’re stepping over puddles of water. The disabled toilet/shower room was the worst, for visually impaired people, I’ve come across on a campsite. First of all it isn’t even signposted. I had to scout around to find it. There’s a door that leads to the dishwashing area and laundry area, and the disabled shower room is in there. To get to it you need to swipe in to the first area, then use another card to swipe into the disabled area. Both doors require that you press a green button to leave. The first time my totally blind husband used the disabled toilet, he didn’t know that you had to press a button to get out, so he was frantically pulling on the door. Fortunately, I had the card in my hand and was able to swipe it to open the door from the outside. The room itself has the standard emergency pull cord and reset button. The reset button has Braille instructions on it, so that was a positive. The sink was a normal sink with taps that you turn on yourself, so my husband could use it. There is no hand drier in there, so I guess your hands just have to drip dry. The shower in there works exactly the same way as in the main area. So, they put Braille on a reset button but don’t provide a shower that a visually impaired person can use. How was my husband supposed to find the sensors that operated the shower and adjusted the temperature? I ended up standing in there with him, trying not to get wet, saying “up a bit, down a bit, right a bit...” as he’s waving his hand around, you get the picture! The shower drain in there was really slow and it wasn’t long until there was a pool of water on the floor. I tried using the sweeper thing they provide to get the water down the drain, but that didn’t work. We did tell them at reception why we were leaving early and they refunded the nights that we are not staying. We won’t be going back. Today was the day that we were due to check out and I received an email asking for the money that was refunded, back. I’m even less impressed now.

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