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Late September Arrival and into October for a Full Week 1st Visit

Taking a full week on this site in a motorhome using available public transport. It is possible to reach Great Malvern from the site by using two buses. The local bus towards Worcester that stops about quarter to half mile down the road towards the village of Hanley Swan on the same side as the site is. Then change at Powick and walk for three minutes onto the main road and get the bus to Great Malvern. Going out is particularly easy and straight forward. Return is a little more tricky as connecting buses become less later in the day. It can be done though! As MH users we rely on the local services and up to date time tables are essential. Please ensure double checks are made in this location as the winter times are approaching and the service reduced. The site itself is calm and tranquil off season. We would not visit in peak season due to the grass areas being full with outfits. Most of our time here was extremely quiet with folk pitching to give neighbours space and quiet. The arrival of one outfit destroyed the tranquil atmosphere with its dog continued barking. Had we not been leaving the next day we would have asked the owner about it. The facilities are as you would expect and cleaned during the afternoon, a bonus imho. The mh waste point is easily accessed with driveover drains. However, a full circumnavigation is required of the site following its use, most frustrating and wasteful of fuel and a disturbance to others. Would we visit again? Most certainly but only off season.

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