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Rated 4 of 5

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excellent site!!

stayed here 27th August for 12 nights (pitch 23) then had to stay an extra 12 nights due to a problem with the car. this was not an issue for the guys working at the site, they were very accommodating. Anne and Margaret and hubbies are doing a fab job, keeping the site clean etc., due to covid, which the new rules are set out for that site, other sites differ. to be fair I was quite shocked to see how many motorhomers, caravanners where using the shower block due to covid, not knowing who has been in before themself, you maybe clean and sanitised your hands before going in, but what about the person/people before you?? I was there for 24 days and had not used the shower block once or the "emergency" toilet... why would I, when I know I'm the only person using my shower and toilet, yes it might be a bit of a pain emptying waste water and the toilet cassette, but I would rather do that then,use the site facilities, may I add which are cleaned/sanitised twice daily. The other thing I had noticed some people were emptying the toilet cassette into the waste water drain, nooooo!!!! that has to emptied into the chemical waste, I did notice at one of the water/ bin points a notice had been put up, not to do this, but one needs to be put up in the cul de sac area. Anne Margaret hubbies, please dont let other rude motorhomers/caravanners who want 5* service upset you, you are doing a great job hope to be back soon loved our stay. Hope you enjoyed your biscuits. woof from Bruno the Great Dane

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Greyhoundwest replied on 01/12/2020 21:36

Posted on 01/12/2020 21:36

Hi, having stayed in a couple of club sites since Covid, we have full confidence in the cleaning / infection control measures.

I used to teach infection control and there is absolutely nothing to fear from using  site toilet facilities.

Everyone uses supermarkets etc and they are much more difficult to keep clean .

Remember also that some of us with micro caravans, teardrop vans or tents , have no choice but to use the site facilities.