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Rated 5 of 5

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Lovely site, friendly wardens but

I don’t usually post reviews or comments on Caravan Club sites as they are of a similar configuration, maintained to good standards with friendly and helpful wardens. The same could be said for the Maragowan site. However if any option that the Club gave their sites to adopt to maintain Covid safety standards then the one at Maragowan certainly needs revisiting. Since lockdown was eased we have visited a number of both Caravan Club and other sites and all with the exception of Maragowan have adopted more or less the same procedures. When we visited in mid September the two shower/toilet blocks were unisex with access for shower or washroom use available but having to be booked in 20 minute slots via a board on the wall. Thankfully the disabled toilet is available “for emergencies”. The closure for cleaning both blocks is ruled through at the same 2 hour period despite the desegregation of the blocks which is difficult to understand. It was also difficult to understand why a pitch adjacent to the bin/water and Chemical emptying facility was blocked off and yellow painted with queuing distance lines; something I’ve not seen on other CC sites and given the demand in the UK for pitches was it really necessary. Like no doubt many others we had great difficulty in booking pitches at various sites once lockdown was eased having to check the availability so it was a tad disappointing to see a site full notice going up on the 14th September where late into the evening and first thing in the morning there were at least 10 spare pitches. As the site was really nice and the wardens friendly perhaps Head Office should look at the necessity for the option that the Maragowan site adopted.

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