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Rated 5 of 5

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Rated 5 of 5


Rated 5 of 5

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Getting tired and scruffy

This is without doubt my favourite site ~ why? Access to an amazing Country Park, a splendid beach and a wealth of places to visit if the mood takes you. I have visiting this site for almost 30 years, it was much smaller back then but still had the wonderful park, beach and surroundings. It has grown considerably over the years and with the addition of the Millennium Coast Path it gained the attraction of a footpath / cycle path to satisfy most needs and with the cycle path progressing further Eastward each year it becomes more attractive. Last year saw the opening of the Welsh Road Cycling circuit almost adjacent to the Club site and venue use for Road Running events too. Sadly now, I see the gents toilets (can't comment on the ladies obviously) looking tired and in need of a refurb, badly fitting toilet seats, cracked tiles in the showers and poor showers. The number pad door locks stay stuck open - so not secure, they are so high on the door children cannot reach them. The smaller back-up facility is looking old but is in better condition. The pitches are very scruffy weeds and grass pop up everywhere and pitch edges are overgrown, the Wardens are smashing so I have no idea if this is policy or too much work to cover??? When Terry and Will looked after the site discipline was strict but just - be 12" off the peg and Terry would have you re-pitch - even if you had the awning up (too strict). Both Terry & Will kept the pitches pristine spraying with weed-killer when the site was quiet. The outside dish washing area is shabby but does get abused with many members leaving it dirty, inside facilities are good but again some members are not respectful to fellow members and do not leave sinks clean and tidy. Last comment from a fellow member at the water point filling his aqua roll ~ I asked if he'd had a good time his reply "The water points OK, pressure is so low all I've done in 3 days is fill one barrel" He was right water pressure is very low, but less waste if you overfill. YES, IT HAS FAULTS BUT IT'S STILL MY FAVOURITE SITE AND I'LL KEP GOING THERE.

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