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Rated 5 of 5

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Over Zealous Warden

My husband and I booked 2 nights at Penrhos CC site on Angelsey. We live about an hour plus away, we checked the traffic and set off according to arrive by or after 1pm. However the traffic flowed quickly and we got to the site about 14 minutes before one o'clock , unable to stop on A55 as the laybys were full, when we turned off for Penrhos via Marian Glas, we only found one suitable layby which was no unauthorised parking, which we certainly wouldn't use as it was a cemetery parking, there were a couple of laybys on the opposite side of road occupied by vans. We turned into site off a busy road, the site is located in between bends, as we turned at the point of no return, we saw the home made signs about no arrival before 1pm We then thought we could pull over on driveway but the only pull in had bollards across an empty fenced off area We proceeded to arrivals point, we knew we were about 14 to 12 minutes early. We were confronted by a younger male warden, who spoke aggressively to my husband to turn round, we were towing and to go down the road to a layby which weren't available when we passed, his attitude was not good, however the day was saved by his partner or wife who asked us to check in. She was fine, I asked her why the problem, we were not in a rush to book in, just couldn't see the logic of leaving the site, accessing a busy road with limited vision from the site for being slightly early, we are not in a habit of trying to get in early but we were shocked at the aggressive treatment especially when the club official signs say croeso or welcome. It was some welcome and had the female warden not diffused the situation, we would have cancelled and moved to another site. I asked her why we had to leave site before 1pm and was told due to emergency vehicles getting in, so I take it then at 1pm when in the summer there are queues, how do the emergency vehicles get passed, or does the club gets helicopters in?? We were the only arrivals at that time. Maybe people should be pushed forward opposite toilets where 4 units could easily be accommodated if needed or drive widened as there is room We were surprised at the home made signs We noticed that the site, especially the grass isn't as well maintained, and we also noticed that it was the elder warden in the motorhome who seemed to be doing all the work, in fairness toilets were clean but letting only 2 people at a time was poor, other sites with smaller facilities let in 4. We have been members for a while and in all honesty have not met such rudeness. At the end of the day we are customers and expect better treatment, so I feel the club need to sort this out, people travel huge journeys and shouldn't have this treatment on arrival, understand arriving 30 minutes plus. Think the warden needs customer dealing course. Get Outlook for Android

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