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Very Noisy, what a shame

We arrived at Poolsbrook to the most enthusiastic Warden welcome of the year, and the usual lecture about speeding, pitching up etc. We had a service pitch and they were really good, with nearly level pitches, to be honest I put one side on a 25mm block and we were level so would be okay without I guess. So down sides, and there were a few sadly... The road noise is really bad and cars and motorbikes constantly racing along. The weekends there is a nearby off road motorcycle area so noisy. The amount of dogs on site, 4 in the van next to us for 3 nights were impeccable however site was full of constantly yapping dogs all over. People let the walk across pitches and wee anywhere. Drivers speed around and wardens do nothing about it, but this is usual on all CAMC sites these days. People walking across your pitch is something you will definitely suffer from as loads of pitches are a short cut. Wardens should advice people arriving of this. The "nod" to an environmentally aware site is given by a "No Mow" area, which is nice, but on a site of this size, an area that is less than 2 square meters is taking the ? Well what the dogs do on your pitch! Access to country park is brilliant as to cycle paths canals etc but is it worth it for the constant noise? I'm not sure and had to put up with it for 14 nights. P{pictures of no Mow zone available, come on CAMC make an effort there was so much grass area that could have been handed over for diversity
Caravanner from Surrey

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Lbear replied on 01/10/2021 16:08

Posted on 01/10/2021 16:08

We had the same problem with a couple taking a short cut across our pitch to wash their dishes. I asked them not to do it again and they didn’t. I don’t understand people sometimes we never walk across anyone else’s pitch out of respect.