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Dogs and dog poo

So we have stayed at this site many many times, the staff have always been excellent and the facilities have always been top notch, great food with decent prices on a Friday from the takeaway , same again Saturday but a little dearer, BUT, the one thing that really bothers me and has always bothered me is people taking their dogs into the children’s play area, it is clearly signposted that you are not to do this, but there are always the idiots that think they are exempt, on this particular weekend someone (presumably a child) had managed to tread in dogs poo and then plaster it all over the children’s climbing apparatus, and the first we knew of this was our child having it all over his hands, clothes, and then his balance bike grips, NOT IMPRESSED, and then low and behold, while waiting for our takeaway food on Saturday night, a group of people walk up, one woman has 2 huge st Bernard’s and some sort of blood hound or sausage dog and precedes to walk through the waiting people, straight through the opening into the children’s play area, where the dogs proceed to start crapping on the grass, UNBELIEVABLE, she picked up the ones that we saw but you only have to miss a bit and it’s trodden in then trodden all over the kids stuff, who knows what happened when she went further into the play area, I was fuming but the wife didn’t want a scene so she just talked to the staff who were also less than impressed, so if you do take your dogs ( we have 3 of our own) DONT TAKE THEM INTO THE CHILDRENS PLAY AREA

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RedKite replied on 19/10/2020 17:44

Posted on 19/10/2020 17:44

Sorry for you re dog issues some people just think the notices/rules are not for them.  Shame that site staff could not be more proactive.