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Peace and quiet

Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 3 of 5

Good for families

Good site... but with one major drawback

Just spent three nights here and at first viewing this site really looked good.  Large, well spaced out, with a separate area for adults only, leaving the northern part of the site with big grass area open for families with children.

There is a swimming pool, which by all accounts was good and a large dog walk area filled with trees. A short walk will take you to the village of Greetham with two very nice pubs.

Yes, there is building work going on, extending one of the toilet blocks, but this wasn't intrusive and looks to be pretty much complete now anyway. I expect this to open shortly, giving a boost to the facilities, which are pretty good. .

..and then there's the elephant in the room. 

The site is adjacent to a very active farm / industrial estate. This means that you will experience all the noise and smells that go with such activity, particularly if you pitch in the "adults" area to the south of the site.

This meant, for us, loud music (presumably for the employees), loud bangs, and at times the sound of a generator or something similar, running at all hours of the day.

And then there is the smell and smoke. As noted by a previous reviewer, there is a "bio generator" or somesuch, near the entrance to the site, but within the (very) adjacent industrial estate.

This "generates" acrid smoke and smells, which, if the wind has any easterly component, spills across the caravan site. Not at all pleasant, and you could not tolerably  sit outside. 

I guess this wouldn't be a problem if the wind stays westerly, but the wind direction won't do anything for the noise issue.

So, a really good site, but let down by it's location right next to a busy industrial farm / unit, which is a great shame as I dare say this this beyond the owners control.


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