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Bird Scarer

We have just stayed 11 nights on this site. The site is in the middle of woods with lots of walks from the site, which we had hoped to take advantage of, but unfortunately the farm at the back of the site had a very loud bird scarer, which went off 3 times every 15 minutes from approx 7.30 am until 10.00pm every day. We have a very sensitive Border Collie, who is terrified of loud noises, even in the caravan with the tv or radio on, the bangs could still be heard. He spent a lot of time "hiding in the shower room of our caravan". During the day we had to travel some distance from the site for him to enjoy our walks. This is a lovely site for walking, but if you are like us with a nervous dog we cannot recommend it.

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MrnMrsPing replied on 18/10/2020 20:31

Posted on 18/10/2020 20:31

Do you know, that's really strange, we have just come home from 4 days at Thetford and I don't think I heard the 'very loud crop scarer' once. We had helicopters going over Thursday night but then, if you do your homework and actually research where you are going first, you will discover there are two air bases very close to Thetford, which, surprise surprise have all sorts of flying things which do tend to take off and do their thing! There are also army training grounds close by which means bangy bang things going off from time to time too!

As for the crop scarer going off 3 times every 15 minutes from 7:30 till 10:00 every day, (slight exaggeration there me thinks tbh). Yes it goes off but no worse than a normal farmer and certainly does not go on as stated above.  Its never been an issue for us..this time..last time...time before that. We just struggle with folk with snappy dogs as we have a very unassuming and affectionate spaniel. Oh, did I mention we have been at Thetford for the last 2 years, seasonally pitched and happily going back for our third season next year!