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This site is centrally located, fairly level, all grass pitches. It is easy enough to find with Lidl supermarket next door and Tesco Extra opposite. The wardens are friendly, welcoming and very helpful. There is a fire station and ambulance station behind the site and with deliveries to the supermarket and local boy racers it can be a bit noisy. We have stayed here several times, but this time we have left early as there were some very large, noisy and intimidating families arrived. The teenagers walked around in groups of 10 or more, they were driving the adults cars at some speed onsite and the atmosphere and ambiance changed rapidly. We have no problems with groups, but the amount there were and the way they were acting made us feel very wary and make the decision to move off.
from North Yorkshire

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Johnfromdurham replied on 24/08/2019 10:01

Posted on 24/08/2019 10:01

I have also just been on thirsk and I completely agree with your comments on some if the families who came on, I also felt uncomfortable , it won't put me off the site, as I have visited many times and always enjoyed the site, I,m hoping it was a one off . 

Theclampitts replied on 05/09/2019 23:59

Posted on 05/09/2019 23:59

Apparently this is an annual gathering for the Ebor  races in York. There was a piece on the national news, and in national papers about drunken people causing problems. Unfortunately looking at the photos we recognised some of them from Thirsk. 

Caravan Han replied on 24/09/2019 13:03

Posted on 24/09/2019 13:03

Thank you for taking the time to review Thirsk Racecourse Club Site. We're sorry you felt uncomfortable during your recent stay, and glad to read this hasn't put you off staying with us in the future. 

As you've mentioned, there was an event taking place locally and the site was full during the time you were staying with us. When the site is full, it's difficult for site staff to appear visible however they were available all week so please do raise any concerns you have as the site staff are happy to help. 

We hope to welcome you back to Thirsk Racecourse in the future.

arkle replied on 25/12/2019 13:11

Posted on 25/12/2019 13:11

With reviews seems there’s no control there think I will give it a miss

JVB66 replied on 25/12/2019 13:19

Posted on 25/12/2019 13:11 by arkle

With reviews seems there’s no control there think I will give it a miss

Posted on 25/12/2019 13:19

Do not be put off by the negative reviews it is not a bad site ,that is owned by the racecourse and run on their behalf by the cc, so as most racecourse sites can only be run and maintained as pe what the owners allow,we have used it, and accept the restrictions the club have to work with

Johnfromdurham replied on 28/11/2020 15:38

Posted on 25/12/2019 13:11 by arkle

With reviews seems there’s no control there think I will give it a miss

Posted on 28/11/2020 15:38

Please dont let that review put you off visiting Thirsk, I've been many times and thoroughly enjoyed my visits, I,m confident it was an isolated situation, and I certainly will be returning as soon as it opens up again after Covid.