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Rated 5 of 5

Peace and quiet

Rated 4 of 5

Facilities and cleanliness

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Good for families

First time

Nice peaceful site in a good location. Toilet showers need upgrading as there is only two hooks to put your clothes on every thing else has to go on the floor and as there is no shower curtain everything gets wet, Good idea is to take your washing powder with you and wash your clothes while your there. Main problem is with new arrivals being at the barrier from 12-00 noon some days and as time goes on the entrance gets blocked and some inconsiderate people think this is ok. Its about time the wardens turned them around and tell them to come back at 13-00hrs. To be fare to the wardens some days they were letting them in ten minutes early, The road to the site does get narrow through the village the last bit being room for one vehicle only, but don't worry if you are on the narrow bit coming out those arriving will speed through and try to get you to reverse a hundred yards or more, I had a few crapping them selfs, The idea is to know you're vehicle size and look and forward plan ahead not barge through as if you're a Sherman tank.

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