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This site is right in the centre city so extremely convenient for walking into the city. Like most Caravan Club sites it’s run like clockwork which may make it a bit regimented for some. The pitches are all hard standing gravel , not a blade of grass in sight! Which in my opinion gives the impression of a large car park ( think motorhome aire) which is fine in bad weather but maybe not so appealing in the summer months . When we arrived we were told to find a pitch and report back to reception. After driving round it became clear that there were hardly any pitches available and eventually we found one in a unloved corner. I mentioned to reception the difficulty in finding a place and she suggested a nice corner pitch we had discounted as it was coned off. We took this pitch but what I don’t understand is this sites propensity to cone off pitches so that they’re not apparently available . Had I not commented would this better pitch have been offered? I think not. Each day we saw staff driving round coning off various pitches, why? Is it to reserve pitches for selected campers? NB they weren’t serviced pitches.

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Dawn F replied on 14/11/2019 12:22

Posted on 14/11/2019 12:22

I think one of the big problems on this site is size of pitch.  We stayed a couple of years ago and when we arrived there were no pitches we could easily fit on.  We had pre booked so they did know we were arriving and what size outfit we had.  We ended up sideways on a pitch which was not within the fire break regulations but they didn't want to know 

Hopefully what you witnessed was then being sensible and reserving pitches to suit larger outfits as we have seen happen at other sites

Did you ask the wardens about it?