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Paid for 8 nights, managed to stay for three - but wrote off over £100 in booking costs

We wrote off over a hundred pounds paid in advance here in leaving when we had paid in full for 5 days more than we used. If you listen to nothing else in this review, please listen to that, as it is something I can ill afford. My only regret is that we didn't leave a day sooner when we had given the site every chance. I don't believe this site should be on the CAMC books, to be honest. Maybe once, but my impression is that the owners have lost interest and have taken their wyes off the ball. That's benefit of the doubt. We arrived and felt in the way: no info about the basics (even where to find EHU... along the next pitch, out of site behind their van). No info about facilities, toilet location, activities, pool opening hours, map of the site.... Walk into the bar with just the barman there (one of the brothers owning the site, we think... based on resemblance)... not a word in French or English on any occasion even though no-one else was there. No info about where the toilets were (or any other facilities for that matter). There was no toilet paper (or holders... i.e. they never provide it) and no soap (ditto), no plugs in the washing facilities (again). The toilets were dirty on every visit. No excuse. If this were my only experience of CAMC overseas bookings I would never book with them again. Happily, overall, the CAMC booking staff were great and the two other CAMC recommended sites we used were superb. Will definitely book with CAMC again, but not here.

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AnotherDavid replied on 21/08/2019 08:42

Posted on 21/08/2019 08:42

I am suprised you would even consider booking and paying upfront again after this experiance . We don't book through the club and on the rare occasions we do (book at all) direct with the site and its only a deposit. If we are unhappy we pay and leave.