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Sadly probably the poorest site ive been on in 30 years.this place needs a serious looking into by the club.It letting the club down

From the main road is about 1 mile of single track road.The entrance is thru a farmers yard and up a very steep stone trackway to the site.There is a hut which is over grown so you will probably miss the reception.So you given a site map and told of the area you can pitch up.So down another stoney track to the pitches.then its like a free for all in amongst the yurts teepee's and log cabins.95% of the pitches where occupied by what would seem long stayer/residential caravans and shed and trailers.So we found a vacant pitch.pull on with our moho.got out and the complete area was full of holes approx 1" round.after approx 10 min we had to move as the moho was sinking due to all the hole,Not sure what they were .maybe snakes or wasps,but we where told by the ,what seems a 1 man band receptionist they were from wood mice.they where literally everywhere.so we moved to another pitch that was better but was about knee deep in weeds and grass.(was told by the 1 and only staff member we could see,he said it was to preserve natural bio area) So we moved again ,as it was sinking again but after about 1 hour.after. so we went and asked the 1 man staff if you could have a hard standing.he allowed us but only after about 20 mins of a discusions.little did we know but on the other side of the fence was the childs play area.Great if you like the kids playing on squeeky swings and trampolines until 2am under torch light. second day we where glad to leave after a lady from another van came over and started shouting at us for not putting our rubbish in the correct area.LOL we hadnt put any rubbish out yet. No marking on the toilets for men or ladies.just another free for all. footpath too the toilets where mud and raised manhole ,so not recommended in the unlit site at night. We did how ever walk down the steep stone track to the SISTER site. Pool not open even in 35 degree and end of july. We walked around the site and not a blade of grass due to its full enclosed by tall forest trees. and the amound of children running around the static and log cabins. Out of our 3 days booked we left after the first night.Oh and it didnt feel safe as on the 1 and only night we stayed we had out table stolen from out the moho.only to find it further on the site in a longstayers awning.reported to reception but fell on deaf ears. Come on caravan club look at this site.upon arrival it has more leaflets out side for caravan and camping club and other organisations, this site is a disgrace to the club. May i add that of the area allowed for touring all the pitches are not level but on what could be described as a humbug shape.there are leveller pitches at the top of the site but British are not allowed.bit of a joking site that need attention Others have given a better review,but i dont want to stay on the sites they have stayed on,if they give this a good review CAMC .I have a load of picture if you want to see them

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AnotherDavid replied on 06/08/2019 14:26

Posted on 06/08/2019 14:26

I assume you pre booked this site through the club  and couldn't take the obvious step to turn around and go elsewhere without delay or cost I have to say it sounds a dump but not the sort I have come across in 40 years. The answer is in future don't book and commit  to sites you dont know.

Paul Richardson replied on 02/09/2019 12:40

Posted on 02/09/2019 12:40

We stayed on this site in August 2018. We felt exactly the same as you, with many of the same issues. We saw a number of motorhomes turn up and leave immediately. Not so easy for us with a caravan, so we contacted the caravan club to arrange a move. With time differences, reply times, and onward travel to deal with, we ended up staying for our 3 day stay. I agree, worst site I have ever stayed on booked through the CC. Once home I complained and eventually got a full refund. The question to ask is why the caravan club continues to do nothing about it, when many of the same issues still exist? My biggest problem when I booked was the fact there was no mention online of the facilities being at the sister site.